It’s quite the crazy time we are living in! All entrepreneurs need to re-evaluate their businesses, and in many cases mitigate to become more sustainable going into the future. Coronavirus business help is an important topic to consider.

Most of us entered 2020 with high hopes, but the recent COVID-19 global outbreak has left us wishing for better days. Many businesses are suffering due to government recommended social distancing practices and public closures. With a possible recession looming upon us, we must remember to refrain from panic. Instead, we need to tap into our creativity and begin to innovate. 

If we look throughout history, we will find that this is not the first time a societal crisis has occurred. With each turning event, humanity is forced to change and evolve. Bearing that in mind, here are some important things you can do during this unpredictable time to help keep your business afloat, while also doing your part to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

1. Take a break!

Stop looking at social distancing as an inconvenience and find the silver lining. It is better to isolate yourself by choice while still healthy, than wait for us to be forced into isolation because everyone is sick. The world has become increasingly fast paced over the years and we can all use a much-needed break. Breaks from our routines can actually be vital for our brain function and consequently our businesses. Living and working on autopilot through our same daily routines means that we are doing very little to expand our brains in any way. Use this time to be more mindful and shower our children and loved ones with much-needed attention. You cannot know what tomorrow will bring, so stay present and make every moment count with those you love! Coronavirus business mitigation should certainly include unplugging and recharging.

2. Evolve and Adapt

As entrepreneurs, we should already be pros at evolving and adapting. This is the time to assess your business model. What elements of your business can you remotely? You may even find this to be a more cost effective and efficient way for your company to work. We were all moving towards the “work from home” movement, and this just forces us to get there quicker. You may have to re-jig your business plan and strategy, assess your offerings and find new ways transform your business to match the digital age. 

3. Declutter Your Space and Organize Files

A physical or digital work space that is inaccessible hinders your business, wastes time and actually can make you feel anxiety, depression and panic!  If you’ve ever lost your files, you know how important proper backup and organization is. As a content developer, it amazes me how much great content can be discovered by simply going through old photos and files. Reminding yourself how you got to where you are helps to narrate your story and the story of your business.

4. Improve Your Online Presence

If you cannot show up to work, show up on your social media. Write a sharable article or blog post. Assess your website and work through the items on your digital wish list to make your business run smoother and be more effective online.  

The way to start looking at our businesses is from a more digital vantage point. Think of how can you rework your business so that it allows you to operate remotely. 2020 is the year that will force us into the future by breaking our comfort zones and forcing us to go back to basics for a “reset.” 

While the Coronavirus is creating levels of uncertainty, anxiety and panic for some, I am optimistic to see the governments provide Coronavirus business help. The way people around the world are adapting is quite amaizing and deserves to be commanded. It is interesting to observe how we can “come together” while simultaneously practicing social distancing. Coronavirus business help is a collective effort that must be made by all to stop the spread of the virus. Be mindful, keep it clean. We are in this together. Always remember, this too shall pass. Ensure your business is ready when it does.

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