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How to Master Your Mindset:
6 Strategies to Build Self-Discipline

Is there a goal you want to accomplish, but you just can’t seem to follow through? Maybe you know exactly what you need to do, but just can’t seem to do it?

After almost 20 years in business, running multiple successful creative ventures, a major take-away for me is that you cannot rely on being motivated alone to accomplish your goals. Discipline is the bridge between your goals and accomplishments. Motivation comes and goes. As an entrepreneur, there are days that can make you feel on top of the world, but there are also days that can break you. Here are 5 strategies I use to stay disciplined through the ups and downs of being a business owner:

Focus on Your Why

It’s no coincidence that the word “Motive” is the root word of Motivation. Your motive is your why. It is the reason you do what you do. Ensure you have a clear mission and that it excites you and lights your fire! Knowing your “why” and reminding yourself of it daily helps keep you focused and on track.

Write (or Sketch) it Out

Go back to the basics. Nothing helps get ideas flowing better than sitting down and getting them out on paper. Spend some time every day organizing your ideas, and making a list of the tasks you need to do to reach your goals. Whenever you feel stuck, pick up your pen and paper and watch how quickly you can get unstuck.


Remove distractions by using this time management method, which divides your day into blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task, or group of tasks, and only those specific tasks. When you time block your days in advance, you won’t have to constantly make choices about what to focus on, saving you tons of time and keeping your focus on your big picure priorities!

Create Measurable Goals and Deadlines

Be specific with every goal. Break it down to small achievable steps and have a plan of how you will measure your success. What gets measured, gets managed.

Brainstorm with others

Doing this helps keep you accountable, as well as allows you to hear your ideas out loud and gauge constructive feedback.

Get started

It doesn’t matter how small the action is as long as you’re going in the right direction. Small changes eventually lead to big results. Remember, action inspires further action and momentum creates more momentum.

Studies show that those with greater self-discipline are more satisfied and happy with life. The same is true for those that have successful businesses. During these uncertain and trying times, it is important to recognize the value of practicing staying disciplined as you re-work your goals. This is the beginning of a new way of life with new challenges to overcome, as well as new opportunities to be had. Prioritize what’s important to you and in line with the future vision of your life. Better days are coming, make sure you are ready!

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