New Year Resolutions for Businesses

Since I can remember, even as a child, I have made resolutions every single New Year. The upcoming year is a very special time to reflect on life, assess personal as well as business strategies and set new goals. Resolutions help me focus on where to invest my efforts, energy and precious time over the course of the year.

Health, Happiness & Prosperity

The three pillars of what makes for a good year come down to being healthy, feeling a sense of happiness and having the financial means to live a life in which you are comfortable. It’s not a coincidence that these are also the traditional New Year wishes we send to our loved during the New Year cheer. Based on these pillars, I have come up with a list of my resolutions that I hope will also help you have a fabulous year too!

Health Resolutions

Meditate Regularly, at least once every day, building up to at least 25-30 minute sessions.

Meditation should be like brushing teeth. Something that is just part of the daily routine no matter what. There is astounding evidence showing the benefits of meditation on virtually every aspect of a person’s life and health! Many meditation recordings are available on online, quickly accessed through YouTube.

Get Stronger

While billions of people would love to shed a few pounds and consequently set weight-loss as their number one New Year goal, most of these people fail in their efforts year after year of setting this resolution. This year let’s focus on getting stronger, not losing weight. Getting stronger means understanding that your body is a gift and a machine that requires care inside and out. Getting stronger means injury prevention and a healthy focus on improving yourself. Working on your strength will help you be a more focused person, increase your energy, supercharge your immune system and ultimately help you lose any excess fat. The beauty about focusing on getting stronger is that you will see improvements in strength a lot faster than weight loss, which will help keep you going all year. Focus on adding vegetables and protein to your diet to help you gain strength and energy.

Drink More Water

Your body only needs to lose 2% of water to feel the effects of dehydration. In my experience, increasing daily water intake helps with everything, including mood regulation, focus, energy and warding off any maladies fast! The trick is to always have water around you in your home, at work and on your commutes. Make this your daily goal and your body will thank you!

Happiness Resolutions

Use Positive Words

Our greatest handicap is negative language. Whether talking to yourself or to others it is important to speak using positive language to program your brain to manifest positive energy. There is a great life changing book called “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter that helps teach us how to do this. Definitely worth a read to get your year started right!

Be Present

If there’s one thing in life that can give you a feeling of tranquility and peace is the ability to remain present in the moment all the times. Learn to take in what’s around you and appreciate everything in your space. Limit multitasking and give focus to one thing at a time. Become more aware of being here now and focus on whatever you are doing without letting your mind wander to the past and future. The more you practice this the better you become at living life in the moment, and in turn, the more contentedness you will experience.

Allow For Rest

Unplugging and giving yourself permission to just rest is an uncomfortable concept for some people. However, it is essential for our productivity and sanity to allow yourself true rest. Take a break from the every day and do something different. Look away from the phones and computers. Take a trip whenever and wherever you can to get inspired by new surroundings. Most importantly, make sure to get enough sleep daily. Give yourself rest because it’s crucial to your well-being and everything else you do.

Prosperity Resolutions

Improve Your Visual Marketing Presence, Online and In Print

If your website has not been much given love or attention in the last year or two, or your flyers and print marketing collateral have not been updated to reflect the fast-changing times, or you haven’t taken full advantage of leveraging social media to bring in more customers, it’s time to add these to your resolutions list. I have vowed to make this year the year of investing more into my brand, because investing in yourself and your brand pays off tenfold!

Partner With Like-Minded People That Can Help You Get To Where You Want To Be

Who you choose to surround yourself with plays a huge role on your ability to succeed. There are so many amazing and interesting people in the world. Find the ones who’s interests align with yours by researching and becoming a part of groups and associations local or online that can help you get to where you’re going. Get creative! There are many people who can help you reach your goals and others for whom you can help reach theirs. It’s a give and take, and there are no losers!

Do you need help with your resolutions or goals? Get in touch and let’s chat about collaborating!

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